Ian Vermeer

Ian Vermeer has been raised in the flower business and is a 2nd generation owner of the Westbrook Group. The Westbrook Group of companies is composed of five separate companies engaged in operations that include greenhouse manufacturing, cut flower wholesaling, trailer manufacturing, and greenhouse production. Ian has participated in every aspect of company, but has found his calling in flower production. He has always enjoyed the operations aspect and has knowledge of all components required for this business. Currently Ian’s main career focus is to share that knowledge with the 3rd generation of the Vermeer family to equip them to bring Westbrook well into the future. Ian is a Director on the Board of Flowers Canada (Ontario), one of TOGA's two members, as well as serving at the national level as a Director on the Board of Flowers Canada Growers. He believes these organizations, togethter with TOGA, play a vital role in ensuring a viable business environment to allow the greenhouse industry to grow.

TOGA Represents The Ontario Greenhouse Sector On Behalf Of Its Two Members

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