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Media Release– June 18, 2018

Premier-Designate Doug Ford
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario


Dear Mr. Ford,

Congratulations on the mandate that you received from the voters in Ontario to lead this great province!  We are keen to work with you and your team. Together we can make Ontario a great place to live, to work, to do business, and to produce greenhouse crops!

We believe that the policy goals and outcomes you have outlined are well aligned with the needs of our sector. We stand ready to support your agenda in achieving the government’s goals. We are ready to provide constructive input into policy decision-making and work as partners on sustainable solutions that enhance the competitiveness of Ontario greenhouse farmers.

Our sector of agriculture uses advanced technology to achieve many multiples of productivity beyond what is possible with field agriculture and provide fresh products to Ontario year-round. We are also major exporters to the US market contributing to Ontario’s trade balance.

We look forward to showcasing our sector to you and your team.

Yours very truly,

Jan VanderHout




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